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Crawlspace Mold Prevention

Mold is caused by moisture. If you have any moisture in your crawlspace, then you probably have mold. If you have mold in your crawlspace, then your home is sick and unhealthy. The relative humidity in your crawlspace should be between 45%-50%. Mold can grow when relative humidity is over 50% and wood rot (wood decay fungus) can grow when it is over 60%. Significant damage can occur quickly when it is 70% or higher.

When mold is growing under your home, it releases mold spores into the air. Up to 50% of the air in your home comes from your crawlspace. Basically, you are breathing mold spores. Mold affects different people differently. Some people have no effects at all while others can have severe allergies, more colds than normal, constant stuffy/runny nose, breathing issues, and asthma triggers. Some people have even died due to long-term exposure to mold.

We will treat the visible mold in your crawlspace and prevent it from coming back permanently with our Doctor’s Choice Premium Encapsulation System. Our mold treatment and Doctor’s Choice Premium Encapsulation System will transform your sick, unhealthy home into a healthy home!

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