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Are You Covered?

Homeowners insurance is critical to protect your investment in your home. Typically, when your home suffers damage from natural causes, your homeowner’s insurance policy can help reduce your out of pocket expenses for the needed repairs. Unfortunately, your home’s crawlspace may not be covered for water damage because of varying reasons.

Water damage in your crawlspace is usually the result of leaky pipes, water runoff, or rising underground water. Water that seeps up through the ground or enters from ground level is often not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Some water or moisture in your crawlspace is normal, especially after heavy rains. However, the moisture should evaporate quickly to avoid the risk of mold development. Standing water creates moisture build-up resulting in mold growth that could be hazardous to your family since it can travel through your home’s ventilation system. For family members who have asthma, allergies, or other compromised health conditions, inhaling mold spores could be deadly. Mold caused by a flood typically falls under flood insurance, which is not a part of a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if mold develops due to a “covered peril,” you may have coverage for damages to your home and belongings, but the chances are slim. Since most policies do not cover mold damage from floods, continuous moisture, or preventable leaks, protecting your crawlspace from moisture, rot, and mold are critical.

Concerned about the health of your home?

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